What is IMNashville?

The Interactive Map of Nashville known as “IMNashville” for short is an informatics portal dedicated to promote and support academic and community partners to work together to improve the health and eliminate health disparities among the residents of Nashville/Davidson County by enabling joint research, planning, action, evaluation, and public policy efforts.

This portal provide access to interactive, user friendly, public health informatics and geographic information systems (GIS) mappings resources that can be used by both research and community people.

Our goal in addition to developing a portal that provide access to information is to also allow community members to voice their opinion (community participation) and to allow policy makers to run queries related to their area of interest. This will also encourage collaboration in assessing local health needs, examining health within the context of the natural, built, and social environments, and developing implementing and evaluating the outcomes of targeted interventions.

Functions of the IMNashville web portal include:

  • Interactive mapping of:
    • Health outcomes
    • Community assets
    • Environmental features
    • US Census data
    • Neighborhoods
  • Identify impact at county and sub-county levels
  • Create charts and graphs to display data
  • Print maps, charts, and graphs
  • Identify local academic and community partners for collaboration

Specific aims of this web portal are to promote:

  • Community participation in research
  • Planning of targeted neighborhood interventions
  • Evaluation of intervention outcomes
  • Public policies that support healthy outcomes
  • Dissemination of knowledge gained both locally and nationally

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping tools are provided to:

  • Conduct research with online searchable data bases
  • Assess local health conditions
  • Examine health within the context of the natural, built, and social environments
  • Analyze restricted data sets confidentially